Our Process

Our process is simple but it results in memorials that are works of art.

It Starts With Listening...

Any memorialist can design you a simple monument or marker, but for the last four generations we’ve been making the very best monuments because we understand that the first step in doing so is listening to our clients wishes, needs and circumstances.


Our process is simple but it results in memorials that are works of art.

After we’ve had an opportunity to become familiar with your wishes and constraints we will evaluate and inform you of the specific regulations and requirements of your particular cemetery- understanding these regulations is critical and will highly influence what type, style and size memorial you can select.

With these factors in mind we will walk you through the largest indoor display of monuments and markers in Greater Buffalo recommending to you various shapes and forms, styles and granites that we think would most likely achieve your vision.



A timeless discipline blended seamlessly with today’s modern tools

While the majority of your memorial will be completed using tools and methods tested and perfected over generations, we were among the first in our industry to incorporate digital tools into the design and carving process. As a result, before your memorial is ever touched by a chisel or tool, you will be able to fully visualize it through scaled computer drawings and renderings.



Attention to detail at every step

Once a final design is approved, we begin the carving process using old and new world tools and techniques. We offer families full in person layout approvals during this final phase. Once the carving work is complete, we deliver and install the memorial at the cemetery.