Four Generations Faithfully Serving our Western New York Community

Families that choose to work with Leon Komm & Son are working with the original founding family- never a commissioned sales person- that’s our promise to you.

Attention to detail at every stage of the process is what makes a Komm monument the very best. You will find no better service or quality anywhere- probably the reason we have been the choice of architects, builders, cemeteries and families throughout Greater Buffalo for over 80 years.


Our Services


family Features

Individualized works of art custom designed to your liking. Family features are as striking as the lives they memorialize.

private mausolea & columbaria

Designed from scratch or pre-designed, the mausoleum has long served as the hallmark of devotion and love.

Institutional Services

We love to push ourselves to find new & exciting ways of using our skills and talents from cemetery products to corporate campuses.


First Steps Guide 

To simplify the information gathering process, we encourage you to download our First Steps Guide and bring it with you to our studio.


Old World Craftsmanship with the highest quality granite available. Fully Warrantied. Always.


A Word About Warranties...

You may have heard a lot about warrantied granite versus un-warrantied stone. No matter the warranty, it's only as good as the person who issued it because what's the point of having a warranty if no one will stand behind it?

Warranty alone should never be the only factor in deciding who to trust with designing and building your memorial but the peace of mind that a full perpetual warranty provides makes it just one more reason families time and time again choose Leon Komm & Son.