Civic Memorials

     Civic memorials highlight the sacrifice and service that our soldiers, Law Enforcement officers, firefighters and other community leaders provide to us everyday. They serve not only as a reminder of their service to our community and country, but also as works of art that grace the front of municipal buildings and fire halls, greet us at community parks or public squares. Civic memorials serve as centerpieces for the community to see and be reminded of those who have served and even lost their lives doing so. We have had the honor of working on many such projects and understand that there are many facets to creating a civic memorial. They should be timeless and yet unique and they should inspire a moment of pause and reflection from all who visit. We invite you to contact us regarding your memorial project or to visit completed civic memorials we have crafted in and around our community. We have the ability to work with your committee from conceptual design, presentation and construction. Full design services available including marketing level renderings allow you to garner support for your project right from the beginning. 

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