Signature memorials conceptualized, designed and crafted from scratch as unique as the families they represent. This increasingly preferred style of memorialization is a marriage of artistic license and expert craftsmanship. All work is designed through one on one discussions between our talented staff and clients. From bronze artists to specialty designers, we assemble a team and turn a basic need into a work of art that transcends generations.

Morrison Trellis

Towering at over 7' tall, this garden inspired feature welcomes visitors with the eternal beauty of nature. Hand Carved Ivy wrapped columns contrast with the rustic feel of rock pitched granite.


Tronolone family bench

Modern, simple and clean- the Tronolone Family bench is a timelessness and truly special piece. Sculpted of seal marked Heirloom Absolute Black granite its sharpened approach is achieved with full all-natural polished sleek bevels and tapers.

Some of our granite partners:

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Nathan Benderson Memorial 

Open and expansive, this architectural feature opens on both the north and south side, welcoming visitors with graceful steps and abundant seating walls. A cut out Star of David serves as the centerpiece.


Dovey bas relief

Measuring 2 1/2" of relief, this Guliano Checcininni sculpture is towering at just over 6' high. A recessed center gives emphasis to a powerful scene articulated by hand with expert skill and ability.

Gigante Monument

Imagination and elegance showcase this truly unique memorial for the Gigante family. Custom designed bronze ballroom dancers are framed by full turned granite balusters making you feel like you just might be in an actual ballroom.



Simple meets rustic with curvilinear lines meeting a hand rock pitched planter. The wilson garden bench in Forest Lawn Cemetery plays off of its natural setting inviting visitors paying their respects to take in the glory of nature.